Our job is to do more than merely put web pages together to create a website for our clients. Because we are not merely computer programmers, our clients sites are more extensive and provide more to its memberships than other sites you might have seen.

Based on our experience and our high degree of familiarity with club management, we will offer suggestions to greatly enhance the value and enjoyment of your site beyond what you might have envisioned.

Because your website will facilitate the communication of information not only from the club to its members, but also to the club from its members, your board of governors will have a greater sense of how the membership feels on issues of importance. This will make them more effective in governing your club.

Our clients enjoy the process of creating their website. Our experience has shown that as clients begin to learn how they can use their website, they become truly excited as they discover that the information they want to put on the site keeps growing and is limited only by their imagination! One result is that more information is made available to the membership than is now provided through the club newsletter and handbook. And of course, as we implement something new for one club, we share this with our existing clients.

Massachusetts Chapter of the
American Panning Association 

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